Quattro stagioni in soggettiva (tre) Autunno

I cacciator alla nov'alba a caccia
Con corni, Schioppi, e cani escono fuore
Fugge la belva, e Seguono la traccia;
Già Sbigottita, e lassa al gran rumore
De' Schioppi e cani, ferita minaccia
Languida di fuggir, ma oppressa muore. 

Antonio Vivaldi   Il Cimento dell'Armonia e dell'Inventione
Concerto n° 3 in fa maggiore "L'Autunno"
Terzo movimento   Allegro
Elisa Citterio e Ensemble Brixia Musicalis

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ariodante76 ha detto...

Cara Red,
I'm going to throw a lot of ideas to the wind, like an seed pod bursting open...

I fondly remember the period of my childhood when I played the cello, roughly from the age of 11 to 13. Thinking back, I regard this as my very first exposure to Italian culture... learning musical terms like adagio, pizzicato, molto allegro, etc.

In regard to Vivaldi, I realize, through your post, how much I have missed by solely focusing on his splendid operas and sacred works. Then again, having so much of the baroque canon left to discover is a hidden treasure.

I am intrigued by the approach of this ensemble... molto staccato... exaggeratedly so. This is where virtuosity comes into play. They are making a statement about Vivaldi's composition, exposing nuances that might be missed... because of the sheer beauty of the Red Priest's melodies, one might not regard the dynamic markings, tempi, and so forth. Kudos to this ensemble, for revealing yet another facade of Vivaldi's glory.

My final thought is how very privileged we are, in the modern age, to have these videos so accessible. Imagine a magical house, where each door was a spontaneous portal to a beautiful performance, such as this one... to suddenly envelop yourself in beauty, at any given moment. I draw everlasting comfort and inspiration from your Fuga di Stanze.

With gratitude,


red ha detto...

the music of you thoughts is really sweet and gentle...thank you for bringing it here...and thank you for the things you say about this blog: they encourage me to go on.
Have a good week end, dear, I hold you in my heart...