Strumenti per la musica dell'anima

Ensemble Polifonico Corso Barbara Furtuna

Dedicated to my dear friend Daniel

4 commenti:

ariodante76 ha detto...

I thank you immensely for you sweetest thoughts, they are the breeze that transports me to many magical places... and provides sweet refreshment.

This reminds me of the Bulgarian music you shared a while back... pure music-making!

With all my affection,

red ha detto...

I'll never be able to thank you for being there, always with gentle thoughts and signs of your friendship, which I consider a benediction for my soul.

Yes I agree, it reminds Bulgarian always moves me very much to see how human beings are brothers and sisters in the armony of Art, which is the armony of things made with love.

Ti abbraccio stretto, mio amico caro

Anonimo ha detto...

ciao cara Red,
passavo a salutarti, per la festa della donna ! un abbraccio forte e che tutto ti vada alla grande... ciao

red ha detto...

Grazie Massimo, sei adorabile
Ti abbraccio forte anch'io, con lo stesso pensiero di ogni bene per te.